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About Us


Whether you are designing a wedding, corporate event, trade show, holiday party or other special occasion, BOLD IMPRESSIONS has the items and expertise to ensure your event is flawless.  From tables and chairs to backdrops, linens and wedding accessories, our large collection of event furnishings and decor will make any event a sensational celebration.  Don't see exactly what you are looking for, just ask!  Our design team will scour for the items you want.  Need a custom item?  We can help!


Contact our  team today to start planning your next event - no matter if it is this week or next year!

Bold Impressions Event Decor Design
Bold Impressions Event Decor Design



Guilty Pleasure  : :  Chips + Dip!

Can't Get Enough Of  : :  Music

Best Known For  : :  Having a Winners + Homesense addiction



Guilty Pleasure  : :  Chocolate

Can't Get Enough Of  : :  Being outside in the summer

Best Known For  : :  Being organized + having her ducks in a row

The Team


Thirteen years ago, we jointly decided to step into the world of entrepreneurship and create BOLD IMPRESSIONS.  A rental design firm that Moose Jaw needed at the time from the experience of us both being engaged.  But imagine trying to plan a wedding without Pinterest?!  How do we provide a visual of what we know we can create for our clients with zero experience?  We had to find potential clients who trusted our words and enthusiasm (luckily we were at the perfect age of many friends getting married).  Eventually a few amazing clients led us to an amazing referral pool.  We found our soul mate vendors along the way that shared the creative drive to collaborate on projects in which we elevated one other. We connected with our talented colleagues and learned from our fellow coordinators.


When we decided to split our tasks into business coordination (Brandi) and design (Amanda), the chaos of trying to run a business on the side started to feel comfortable.  Amanda fully and totally embraced her obsession with design; experimenting everything from creating and branding the business logo + designing the company website to creating client concept boards and reception floor plans.  Meanwhile Brandi handled all aspects of keeping the business afloat.  Managing bank accounts, client bookings, orders with suppliers and meeting potential clients for consultations.  Together we both knew we wanted to provide a different kind of service to clients that was different than your typical rental company.  With every wonderful client and wedding completed, we scribbled down lessons learned and tried again to be better professionals and work together as a TEAM.

Fast forward a few years and we continue to both work full time, taking care of many little ones while managing a successful wedding + design business.  This is after all a love story at heart.  A love for a business we built together.  We have taught one another about partnership the same way a marriage can.  We have to be accepting of each other’s characteristics (Amanda is slightly OCD with a love to SHOP and Brandi is grounded with a driven force behind her).  Together we are co-workers, business partners, work husbands and friends. 


Together we are  BOLD.

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